Controlling Our Own Time Pays the Highest Dividend in Life

The formula behind my own sustainable lifestyle plus three must-read books

A brilliant tool on how to think about ourselves as startups and how to design a personal business model that works for every lifestyle. Link below the fold.

Before I took a sabbatical life really felt like a never-ending rat-race. The weekdays were for working hard and the weekends to reward myself for working hard. Every two weeks new money was transferred into my bank account so that the party could continue. I traded time and skills for money but had no control over my own time.

The sabbatical changed all that. I now had all the time in the world and a little money in the bank. Life was really good. I had carved out a little slice of the American dream and could now enjoy the fruits of all the hard work: doing nothing for a year. I traveled, read, and decompressed – a lot. Cause I was also very tired and burned out.

But as I slowed down and the human being within started to come alive again, I began reflecting on life and realized a few things that changed my then future trajectory:

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