Subtract The Obvious, Add The Meaningful

My 7 tips on how to slow down the day and have more time than you need

While the Sunday edition of Fewer Better Things is about modern lifestyle ideas for better living, the ambition with the Wednesday edition is to be actionable. Today I’d like to continue on the idea of slow over fast and sharing the experience of how I have reclaimed the control of my day and life by slowing down.

The historical promise of technological innovations has always been about saving time and making things easier. Logically this should lead to more leisure time, i.e. time that we are free to use as we please, time that we can control 100%. But that is not really what’s been happening. People seems to be more busy than ever.

I believe that we have been so caught up in chasing a higher standard of living that we have forgotten about quality of life. We have been told, since the Second World War, that we need all these new shiny things to keep up with the Joneses and become happy. And when happiness doesn’t arrive we are offered a new shiny thing to make us happy and so it goes on, ad infinitum. But we don’t have to live this way anymore.

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