The Future of Fewer Better Things

Extra: How I plan to develop this newsletter into a new media venture

On the seven hour drive back from surfing with the groms in Bolinas last weekend, I decided to go full-time on Fewer Better Things. I want to turn this newsletter into something better, bigger, and even more meaningful.

From research lab to new venture

The idea for this newsletter began during my nomadic years when I was traveling around the world training top executives and graduate students in digital transformation. Traveling became my research lab for how to use digital technologies smarter by thinking differently about how we work, live, and learn.

The result of this became a much more sustainable lifestyle where I use fewer resources to create more of everything. One day I realized that I had created a very sustainable future way of living by combining the areas of digital technology, eco-friendliness, and personal growth into a very practical everyday lifestyle.

Now twice a week

So this week I’m turning my long-term side and passion project into my new full-time growth venture by releasing Fewer Better Things twice a week: a for-pay edition on Wednesdays and a free edition on Sundays.

The Wednesday edition will cover more in-depth stories on digital technologies, sustainability, and personal growth. I’ll share the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years but also recommendations and best practices from all around the web.

If you become a paying subscriber you’ll get all this:

  • The weekly members-only edition released every Wednesday

  • A curated list of audio, video, and written recommendations

  • Full access to the content archive

  • The free Sunday edition

  • Plus the knowledge that you are supporting mindful living

The Sunday edition will be lifestyle-oriented and focus on the rewards of putting the fewer better things philosophy into everyday practice.

Change will only accelerate from now on and it will be critical to our own wellbeing, success, and happiness to learn how to integrate new digital tools and live life in harmony with ourselves, people, and our planet.

I have many more exciting ideas for this newsletter, but most importantly, I’ll continue to stay committed to sharing the best ideas and practices twice a week on how to live a mindful and sustainable life in the digital age.

Subscribe today for $5 per month or $35 per year and receive your first Wednesday edition tomorrow morning.

All the best,

Per Håkansson

Encinitas, California