Fewer Better Things is about owning less, achieving more, and reducing our impact on nature and our planet.

I believe that less is more in everything from personal things to technology and relationships. In today’s world, defined by hyper-convenience and overconsumption, this is a big challenge for most people.

“The only way to get more done is to have fewer things to do.” – Jason Fried, co-founder 37signals

But if we learn to subtract the superfluous we are – hopefully – left with the meaningful. This will help us reclaim lost control over our limited time, attention, and creative energy for the things that really matters.

My ambition is to share the knowledge, skills, and insights I’ve acquired from working remotely and in technology companies for the past 25 years and in living a very simple but rich life with few things and lots of experiences.

About Per

I’m a Swedish-American writer, lecturer, and ex-Silicon Valley techie. I began my career editing magazines, continued with product management at a few tech startups, and finally trained executives in digital transformation.

During the past 15 years I’ve given hundreds of talks and workshops about how the digital revolution impacts our lives and organizations, and how to think about personal and professional development in the age of technology.

Today I live a very healthy nomadic outdoor life – mostly in California – where I focus on my three life passions – surfing, photography, and books – and spending time with my kids in nature.

You can find my LinkedIn profile here, the only social network I use.

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Swedish-American writer, speaker, and advisor on sustainability, technology, and simplicity. Lives in California, mostly outdoors; surfing, biking, and hiking.