About Fewer Better Things

I write about how to reclaim our limited time, attention, and creative energy by reducing everything to genius. Often we regard reduction as something negative but throughout history, the most innovative and productive people are also the geniuses that have managed their time, attention, and creative energy most effectively.

Scaling back everything to the everyday essential creates a very effective system to refocus on your real purpose and passions. Whatever is not aligning with this will not just hold you back but also pull you back. This is true for things as well as thoughts and people.

I’ve practice this mindset and strategies for the past 15 years and have been able to live and work from anywhere, travel the world, and do the things I love with clarity and purpose. Today my everyday physical essentials could fit into a small carry-on bag, if I wanted, making it possible to live lighter, better, and stay very active.

I’ve applied the same mindful strategy also to thoughts and people, especially social networks that thrive on hi-jacking our precious time, attention, and creative energy.

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Per Håkansson 

I write about how fewer better things can reclaim time, attention, and creative things for what really matters.