About Fewer Better Things

Fewer Better Things is about how we can become conscious consumers and only buy what we really need and use frequently from sustainable and ethical brands. It’s an ethos that strives for simpler and richer living, healthier communities, and the preservation of nature.

Every week I share ideas and strategies for how to declutter our lives, identify real basic needs, regain our focus and attention, and save time and money. Fewer Better Things is a lifestyle for inner peace and outer responsibility. Our nature is collapsing around us and we need to become more conscious about how we use our resources.

As a subscriber you are not just getting a weekly newsletter but are also supporting my effort to make a positive change in the fight against climate change and unethical business practices. Every week I also share essential and well-made products, books and movies that can inspire for change, and other resources to further educate ourselves to become more conscious consumers.

This newsletter is a strong believer in an effective and sustainable market economy that serves consumers, community, and nature.